Marine Wave


As a marine service provider, Atlantic Towing’s operations are not limited to one single stream. With a variety of assets located in populated ports of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean to remote locations elsewhere, we aim to Always Deliver no matter where or what the task. Our aptitude and accolades of what we can accomplish are more so decorated among the people who help complete the jobs safely each and every day than anything else. Since the Marine Wave began in 2014, our goal has been to demonstrate these feats and acknowledging our tremendously skilled crews.

Please enjoy our current and past editions of the Marine Wave.   


In This Edition:

In Edition #8 – Winter 2017, we look back on many accomplishments and milestones that 2016 had for Atlantic Towing. As shown on the cover, it was a year that Tidal Energy became a conversation piece all around Atlantic Canada and across the country. With any emerging industry or concept, there are many challenges along the way, but through safe planning and preparation over many years it was finally time to place Canada's first in-stream tidal turbine on the seafloor in the Minas Passage and connect it to the grid. This operation was supported by many dedicated and hardworking seafarers and first-class marine assets which all helped contribute to its success. Atlantic Towing had the pleasure and privilege of supporting Cape Sharp Tidal in this venture and is tremendously proud of all those involved.

Furthermore, we meet new faces (and new vessels) in the company and celebrate the on-going milestones of our veterans. This edition also takes time to tell the interesting anecdotes of our seafarers from years past in a new segment called Stories from the Sea

We hope you enjoy.